Common NameDogwood
AbbreviationC. Florida
A whole genome reference sequence is under construction by researchers from University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and North Carolina State University. More information can be found at The Dogwood Genome Project.
Biomaterial Browser
The following browser provides a list of biomaterials associated with this organism.
Biomaterial NameOrganismBiomaterial Provider
Dogwood mixed tissuesCornus florida (Dogwood)3-5 year old trees
LIBGSS_010585Cornus florida (Dogwood)Hermaphrodite
LIBGSS_010584Cornus florida (Dogwood)EcoR V
DRS012540Cornus florida (Dogwood)The inflorescence buds of C. florida (cfBud) were were collected from living plants and total RNAs were extracted from tissues pooled from two or more plants of the same species using the modified CTAB RNA isolation method.
DF1Cornus florida (Dogwood)metagenome
Below is a list of transcriptomes available for Cornus florida. Click the transcriptome name for further details.
Transcriptome NameAnalysis NameProgramDate ConstructedStats
Cornus_florida_12062016 (CURRENT)de novo Dogwood (Cornus florida)Newbler (Roche)2016-12-06Reads: 454
Contigs: 43158
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