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Stanton et al 2020 Alder SSRs
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Imperfect SSR Finder
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: Carlson Lab, Pennsylvania State University
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: 1
Date Performed
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 12:51

Publication In Review: Stanton BJ, Haiby K, Gantz C, Shuren R, Johnson L, Weathers TC, Islam-Faridi N, Wu D, Best T, Staton M, Carlson J. Inter-Specific Hybridization of Alnus rubra and Alnus rhombifolia: Preliminary Report of a New Taxon and DNA Marker Resources for Bioenergy Feedstock Production

5,696 putative SSR markers were developed from a combined white and red alder transcriptome. Ninety six predicted high quality SSR loci were used in preliminary PCR amplification tests with 24 individuals, of which 90 loci amplified successfully.

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