Sugar Maple - Abiotic Stress Gene Expression
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Gene Expression Profile
This project aims to elucidate the molecular response of hardwood tree seedlings to varying abiotic stresses. Stress experiments include ozone exposure, mechanical damage (wounding), heat, drought, and cold. Expression profiles were determined by mapping reads to the set of assembled transcripts. Reads were mapped with Bowtie2 and counted using HTSeq. Values were normalized using RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase Million) for gene expression profiles.
Expression Data

This analysis contains expression data for 117861 features across 51 biosamples.

Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
Program Version
Date Performed
Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 21:00
Data Source
Source Name
: Acer saccharum 022416
Source Version
: 022416
Significant Expression
Feature NameKeywordRelationshipP-value
SMWND3Lleaf3 hours after hole punch woundingwounded (hole punched) seedlings at 3 hours - leaf sample
SMHEAT24Lleafheat (40C) 24 hoursseedlings exposed to heat (40C) for 24 hours - leaf sample
SMDRHT7DPpetioledrought (<1.0mpa) 7 daysseedlings exposed to drought for 7 days - petiole sample
SMDRHT32DPpetioledrought (<1.0mpa) 32 daysseedlings exposed to drought for 32 days - petiole sample
SMCTRLBRrootnone (control 2)control (second) seedlings- root sample
SMCTRLBPpetiolenone (control 2)control (second) seedlings - petiole sample
SMCTRLARrootnone (control 1)control seedlings- root sample
SMCTRLAPpetiolenone (control 1)control seedlings - petiole sample
SMCOLD24Lleaf24 hours cold (4C)seedlings exposed 24 hours cold (4C) - leaf sample
SM-CO-14leafozone (10ppb) 14 daysseedlings exposed to ozone (10ppb) for 14 days (6 pooled)


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