Youjun Huang, Lihong Xiao, Zhongren Zhang, Rui Zhang, Zhengjia Wang, Chunying Huang, Ren Huang, Yumeng Luan, Tongqiang Fan, Jianhua Wang, Chen Shen, Shenmei Zhang, Xinwang Wang, Jennifer Randall, Bingsong Zheng, Jiasheng Wu, Qixiang Zhang, Guohua Xia, Chuanmei Xu, Ming Chen, Liangsheng Zhang, Wenkai Jiang, Lizhi Gao, Zhiduan Chen, Charles A Leslie, L J Grauke, Jianqin Huang, The genomes of pecan and Chinese hickory provide insights into Carya evolution and nut nutrition, GigaScience, Volume 8, Issue 5, May 2019, giz036,
Carya illinoinensis - Reference Genome
Resource Type
Genome Assembly
Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
Platanus de novo (C.illinoinensis)
Program Version
1.0 (C.illinoinensis)
Date Performed
Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 15:15
Data Source
Description and Download
PCR duplicates were removed using in-house scripts. PE reads were discarded if they contained adapter sequences, uncertain nucleotides, or low quality bases. MP reads that did not hit the linker were used only in support of links found with the filtered MPs but were not used to create links independently. Then 135.29 and 123.31 Gb Illumina HiSeq X-ten clean data were used for the assembly of pecan and Chinese hickory genomes. Due to the high heterozygosity of the genomes, the filtered cleaned data was assembled using Plantanus, a de novo sequence assembler that can reconstruct genomic sequences of highly heterozygous diploids. Source:


Genomic scaffolds
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