Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Ketia Shumaker

The University of West Alabama (UWA), a minority-serving undergraduate institution in Livingston, AL., is playing a central role in the education and outreach program for the comparative hardwood genomics project. UWA minority faculty member Dr. Ketia Shumaker, past participant in a collaborative NSF Plant Genome supplemental grant, will annually accompany two undergraduate students for a two-month summer training program at Penn State. Dr. Shumaker and the students will receive an intensive week-long workshop in molecular biology techniques, followed by two months of research on genomics or bioinformatics aspects of the hardwood project. Learn more about this outreach program and view results produced by students. The students will present their findings in the undergraduate summer research day at PSU and at the annual meetings of the American Society for Plant Biology. Dr. Shumaker previously participated in the supplemental grant to the NSF sponsored project “Functional Genomics of Flowering in the Woody Perennial Populus”.

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