Principal Investigator: 
Dr. John Carlson

Professor John E. Carlson is Director of The Schatz Center for Tree Molecular Genetics in The School of Forest Resources at Pennsylvania State University, and Principal Investigator for our project on Hardwood Genomics Resources. The Schatz Center was established in 2001 by an endowment from alumnus Dr. Louis W. Schatz to support research in biotechnology and molecular genetics with forest trees. The excellent facilities and post-doctoral fellows supported by the Schatz Center have provided a foundation for this project.

The hardwood forest genetics group of Scott Schlarbaum, Mark Coggeshall, Jeanne Romero-Severson and John Carlson coalesced about 10 years ago around a shared vision of bringing together traditional and molecular genetics to address sustainability of eastern hardwoods. Recently, the group has expanded to include Drs. Shumaker, Gailing, and Liang who represent the important next generation of geneticists who will sustain research on these important tree species. The Comparative genomics of environmental stress responses in North American hardwoods project represents a major step forward for this collaboration, and for the forest tree research community. We look forward to presenting many exciting advances in hardwood genomics resources in this website in the months and years ahead.

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