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P. trichocarpa
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Order:Malpighiales Family: Salicaceae The Populus trichocarpa is a deciduous tree native to western North America. This is the largest tree in the poplar species. The tree is found in United States as well as Canada. However, it is also found in Iceland, having been introduced there. The tree is used for decoration in landscaping due to its fast growth, although the roots are invasive and have the potential to cause damage to buildings. The tree also has a wide variety of practical applications from hardwood to waterproofing.
Image Source Walter Siegmund
Reference Genome
NameProgramDate Constructed
Populus trichocarpa - Reference GenomeArachneNov 10th, 2017

Populus trichocarpa (Poplar) JBrowse instance corresponds to the v3.1 reference genome assembly.

Additional tracks: *Poplar variants and read alignments

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Analysis Details
Provides detailed information on the programs used to assemble and annotate the data.
NameProgramDate Constructed
Populus trichocarpa - peptides InterProScaninterproscanApr 10th, 2019
Populus trichocarpa - mRNA BLASTX against TrEMBLEblastxApr 10th, 2019
Populus trichocarpa - mRNA BLASTX against SwissProtblastxApr 10th, 2019
Populus trichocarpa peptides KEGGKEGG (Ghost Koala)Apr 17th, 2019
OrthoFinder - 07/16/20OrthoFinder, MAFFTJul 16th, 2020
Populus trichocarpa - Reference GenomeArachneNov 10th, 2017
Populus trichocarpa Gene AtlasNextflow Gene Expression (Skewer, STAR, HTSeq)Apr 9th, 2020
Biological Samples
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA201first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA201:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA202first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA202:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA203first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep1L_RNA203:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA205first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA205:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA206first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA206:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA207first uncurled leafNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1addrep2L_RNA207:first uncurled leaf
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol13_TRow29_RNA89developing xylemNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol13_TRow29_RNA89:developing xylem
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol1_TRow33_RNA9developing xylemNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol1_TRow33_RNA9:developing xylem
ALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol20_TRow14_RNA139developing xylemNot setALAA20-3_AMER13-1_TCol20_TRow14_RNA139:developing xylem
ALAA20-4_Rep1_RNA1_1Lfirst uncurled leafNot setALAA20-4_Rep1_RNA1_1L:first uncurled leaf


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