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Prunus persica, more commonly known as peach, is a native deciduous tree from China. Peach is a low, broad tree that can grow between 15-25 ft tall. These trees are fast growing and typically only love between 10-20 years. The tree can grow in most soils (sandy, loam, or clay) and prefers well drained soil. Prunus perisca is self-fertilizing and is pollinated by bees. It is perhaps most famous for its edible fruit, peach. Peaches are highly valuable crops and are high in vitamin A. The primary repository for peach genetic, genomic and breeding data is the Genome Database for Rosaceae.

Image source: NCSU Plant Database

Other sources: Genome Database For Rosaceae

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Reference Genome
NameProgramDate Constructed
Prunus persica - Reference GenomeABySSMay 15th, 2020
Analysis Details
Provides detailed information on the programs used to assemble and annotate the data.
NameProgramDate Constructed
Prunus persica - peptides KEGGKEGG (Ghost Koala)May 27th, 2020
OrthoFinder - 07/16/20OrthoFinder, MAFFTJul 16th, 2020
Prunus persica - mRNA BLASTX against SwissprotblastxMay 15th, 2020
Prunus persica - mRNA BLASTX against TrEMBLblastxMay 15th, 2020
Prunus persica - peptides InterProScaninterproscanMay 15th, 2020
Prunus persica - Reference GenomeABySSMay 15th, 2020
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