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Advanced Search Tips

Wildcard search with *. Examples:

genom* sequence (matches: genome, genomic, genomics ...)
Lir*dron tulipifera (matches: Liriodendron tulipifera)

Fuzzy search: When you don't know how to exactly spell the keywords, you can use fuzzy search. Fuzzy search allows you to search for similar words. You use the ~ character at the end of your keyword for fuzzy search (keyword~). Examples:

sequeeence~ (matches: sequence)
Alnus rhmifolia~ (matches: Alnus rhombifolia)

Regular expression search: wrapping keywords with forward slash (/). Examples:

/transcriptom[a-z]+/ (matches: transcriptome, transcriptomes, transcriptomics ...)

Boolean operators: + and -. + means must present; - means must not present. Examples:

+"green ash" +transcriptome -genome (excludes the word genome)
+"green ash" -transcriptome +genome (includes the word genome)

AND, OR, NOT operator and combination search. Examples:

"heat stress" AND ("Castanea mollissima" OR "green ash") NOT "heat shock"
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